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This video is about, are there risks in setting up a personal injury claim? So this is one of the, the major questions that clients have for me, uh, when they have a potential doubt about whether to hire a lawyer or to set up a personal injury claim. Now they may have been involved in an accident, they may be injured, but they're sort of on the fence. Maybe this is the first time they've been through this process and they're unsure as to whether they should hire a lawyer or set up a claim. So they asked me time and time again, okay, Mr Mcquade, what are the risks? And so my answer to them is, in terms of attorney's fees and costs, uh, there are no risks because it's all on a contingency basis. So if there is no recovery, nothing is going to be paid to the lawyer for costs or attorney's fees.

So that really should not be a factor. But the biggest issue for anyone that's been injured in an accident are the medical bills. So I always say this is really the risk that you need to watch. If your medical, if you set up a personal injury claim and your medical bills exceed either your pip protection benefits or your value of the claim, then you've got a risk to be on the hook for those out of pocket medical expenses. So that is really the biggest risk. It's almost the only risk. So if you have a, uh, an experienced lawyer and a good team of professionals around you, good staff, you're in constant communication with your lawyer, watching those medical bills to make sure that they are properly handled and they don't get out of control can, can minimize that risk for you. Um, and, and again, at the end of the day, I feel that that is the biggest concern and if properly handled, it really should not be much of a concern. So hopefully that answers the question about whether there is actually any risk in setting up a personal injury claim or even hiring a personal injury attorney.
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