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Are you a woman who's been injured in a car accident? Well, here at St Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid and Douglas, we have noticed over the course of our careers a trend and the trend is two-thirds of our clients who have been involved in car accidents are women. And so Jonathan and I looked at our files and started to notice this trend and started to realize, okay, we need to make sure that we are handling these cases specifically tailored to women. And as a result, we have tailored our practice, uh, in order to, uh, make sure that female clients are taken care of by specific medical providers who are familiar with the types of injuries that are experienced in car accidents and cater to women. So we have become attuned to the fact that as a result of so many females being injured in car accidents, okay, we need to change what we are doing.

We need to develop a client base and a medical provider base that can treat injuries to women. And that's, so that's one thing that we've done here at st Petersburg personal injury attorneys McQuaid. And Douglas. Uh, the other is we have tailored our, uh, our case management practice, uh, specifically relating to injuries to women. In other words, we are familiar with the types of injuries that women often experience in car accidents, and therefore we know exactly the time frames and what the processes are going to be, um, at each step in the, in the, in each step in the case. So if you are a woman and you've been involved in a car accident and you have questions related to your injuries or what happens next in your case, we will S we specialize in, uh, in that area of practice and we will be happy to meet and speak with you regarding your claim.

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