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As artificial intelligence becomes more advanced, automated vehicles are slowly creeping their way into the everyday lives of drivers. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, automated vehicles are meant to decrease car accidents due to human error, but this is what I see in about 10 years on my way home from work. I enjoy a solid slumber in my driverless car.

What's going on? I am awoken.

That's the future. I see when an emergency comes and it is the responsibility of the person in the driver's seat to take over what can be done. Then as driverless cars become more common, people will become more lazy, whether it be taking a nap behind the wheel, texting or even being under the influence. People will become so comfortable with the idea of the car doing the work that they will deem it time to focus on other tasks, but don't take my word for it. According to the Guardian, two years ago in autonomous, Tesla was at a halt in the middle of the highway with the driver, found completely unaware of the situation at hand as they were ape. So it is my belief that these cars will only put more individuals in danger. Not only will drivers become more lazy, but private companies will have complete autonomy over their products. How far will they be willing to go to be their competitors? Genetically Modified Foods to feed the population quickly turned into the inhalation of dangerous chemicals. What will driverless cars become? The solution to say for Rhodes is not cars without regard for human life, but rather occasional driving for sufficiency exams and required driving classes for those getting their licenses for once. Let's put the life of a human being before money

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