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We do a lot of work focusing on auto accidents in Pinellas County and St Petersburg. But one of the other areas that Pinellas County, in particular, St Petersburg is particularly set up to have a lot of accidents in is boating accidents. Boating accidents are unfortunately a way of life in Pinellas County and around Florida because there are so many boaters on the water. Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission recently released the 2018 statistics for boating accidents. And not surprisingly, Pinellas county was in the top 10 and in fact, the third a third county right behind Monroe County and Miami Dade County for boating accidents reported. So that's not shocking to people who are out in the boat often. But with all of those people out in the boats, boating accidents increase, uh, so the hard numbers, uh, boating accidents in Florida total reported 628 while that number pales in comparison to the auto accident cases, 628 is still a far too high number for boating accidents. 59 of those were fatalities 307 of those involved injuries.

The unfortunate thing is when you're in a boat, many times you are not buckled in like yard in a car. Uh, you're in a precarious position. You may get thrown from the vessel. All of these things are a recipe for potential disaster when being involved in a boating accident. When looking at the trends, one thing that I did notice is that in 2018 we saw the lowest number of fatalities since 2009 and, uh, also the lowest number of actual injuries since 2009. Well, the other trend was we saw the highest number of voter safety ID cards being issued in 2018. While I don't know if that's coincidence or there's some sort of statistical probabilities, certainly common sense says that the more people out there that are getting educated about boating safety, uh, is creating at least some awareness of the proper safety precautions of proper operations of vessels out there in hopes that we're driving those injury accidents, those fatalities down. So the bottom line is when you're out of the water to avoid boating accidents, we obviously would suggest contact FWC get your boat or safety card. If you've been a victim in a boating accident, contact us for a free consultation to see how we can help you and your family through this difficult time.

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