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Hi. I'm Attorney Sean McQuaid and the topic of this video is Can I bring a claim if I'm in an accident in a drive-thru. So I was on the phone the other day with an insurance adjuster negotiating one of my claims and the adjuster asked me sort of off the cuff. Is this the case involving the. The drive through where the guy left. This led his foot off the pedal and bumped into the car behind him and he was laughing to me about it basically saying how ridiculous it was. Now that was not my case fortunately but it made me think OK maybe I should do a video to explain about what goes on in these drive through because it's not the first time I've heard about a drive-thru case. I currently have drive-thru cases and I've handled them in the past. So the answer to the question is generally speaking yes you can bring a claim but you need to be very very careful if it is something where someone has just simply let their foot off the pedal and bumped into you. I would say that your chances of recovering any type of significant money are slim to none. So in those situations, I suggest if you have an injury to build those solely through Pip and then at the end of the day look to see if maybe get your out of pocket. Any out-of-pocket bills covered and maybe just a little something on top. But those are not going to be major injuries. Now. Again if you're in a drive-thru and you're walking through walking past your pedestrian and you're struck that's a different story. Or the case that I have right now. Someone was in the drive-thru and another car was backing up into and out of a parking spot and as they were driving past slammed into the front of the car. So we had property damage and we had some legitimate injuries there. So. But again the moral of the story on these parking lot accident cases is you need to keep the medical bills down because there is a thought in the minds of the insurance adjusters that these are always low impact cases you can't sustain too significant of an injury and therefore we as personal injury attorneys need to watch the bills keep them under control knowing that the amount of dollars that are going to be offered at the end of the day are not going to be very high. So we want to be able to maximize the net result to our client in these parking lot or drive through accident cases so hopefully that answers the question about whether if you're in a drive-thru accident whether you still can bring a personal injury case.

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