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Do car accident injury insurance adjusters have quotas? So we see this in our car accident practice and when I first learned about these quotas or incentives to settle cases, I was sort of surprised because he would think that just from a general equity standpoint that all car accident cases are handled equally and surprisingly, that's just not the case. What prompted me to film this video today is November 26th, which is that we are entering the last quarter or right in the middle of the last quarter of the year. And we've noticed an uptick in our cases being settled. Uh, and when I say an uptick, I mean specifically the speed of our car accident settlements that we haven't experienced the for the entirety of the year. And it prompted me to film this video about the quota system. So what is interesting is that, uh, almost all of the major car injury insurance companies have set, the adjusters have set guidelines on the number of claims that need, that they need to resolve, uh, on an annual basis.

And the bigger ones, it's usually an annual basis. Um, and if they resolve X number amount of claims, whatever the case may be, they get a bonus. So these insurance adjusters have an incentive to get the, get whatever number of cases done, uh, by the end of the year. Uh, and so for example, in October we had a case where at the end of the month, the insurance adjuster wanted to get the case done and the check out by the end of the month so that she could make her numbers. Uh, which was surprising to me because it wasn't the end of the year. But, uh, generally speaking, uh, if you are in the process, if you have an injury claim that is pending, uh, and you're working on it, get it out, um, sometime in November, so that any insurance adjuster that has a chance to get the case done, we'll get it done uh, quickly. And the timeframe also changes toward the end of the year.

So the rest of the year, what we find on these car accident injury claims is that it takes about the full 30 days for them to respond, but not at the end of the year because they're trying to get these cases settled to make their numbers. You may get an answer back in 10 days or two weeks and boom, tender, tender, tender. So, uh, it's an interesting, a strategic issue. Um, if you are, um, if you're in terms of just managing your claim. Now the other interesting thing that I've found over the years, there's another local insurance company here in st Petersburg, uh, that actually incentivizes its adjusters to settle cases at various points. Um, if a lawsuit is filed. So for example, insurance adjuster will get a certain bonus if a case is settled after the lawsuit is filed, but before an answer is due, then they'll get a, um, if the case can't be settled, then they'll get another bonus if the case can be settled on the day of deposition.

And then another bonus, uh, um, if the case doesn't get settled, another bonus on the day of mediation. So it's a, it's a very odd bonus system. And I, I, again, I had no idea until I was talking to the lawyer on the other side said, yeah, these guys are trying to settle it on these dates because they get a bigger bonus that earlier on in the case that they settle it. So, so weird incentive system, especially when you're dealing with a car accident claims you think everything's handled equally and it's just not. So that's the reality. I'm in the trenches here in st Petersburg when dealing with car accident, car accident, an injury claims. So, unfortunately, um, if you've been in an unfortunate, uh, car accident and you've been injured and you have any questions about strategy related to your claim, please feel free to contact us at st Petersburg personal injury attorneys, McQuaid and Douglas. We can answer any questions you may have. And our consultations are always free.

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