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At Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid and Douglas, we oftentimes get clients who have had an auto accident before the one that they're here to see us about and we invariably get the question, does my prior injuries from that prior auto accident prevent me from recovering the damages during the current auto accident? The answer to those questions are unequivocally no. It does not prevent any cause of action. What ends up happening though is we need to be sure that we obtained all of the prior records, the medical records, the imaging records from the prior auto accident so we can compare the injuries that have either a made the existing injuries worse so it makes it a preexisting condition more severe or there are new findings from the prior, I'm sorry, from the current auto accident. And so those are two very important issues.

Does it make a preexisting condition worse or do we have new findings and oftentimes we rely on MRIs for those determinations. Obviously the medical doctors are very important and that determination because they have to be able to delineate the difference between the prior auto accident injuries. And the current auto accident injuries. Now with that having been said, one thing the insurance companies will absolutely do is try to make the argument that these injuries from the current auto accident art knew art worse, and you should not cover monetary damages for these injuries. That's what hiring an experienced attorney is very important because we have the tools, the skills, the ability to go back into the records and make sure that we are able to delineate with your medical providers the difference between the prior injuries and the current issues. It is so important to be able to have that fine tooth comb when going through those records to determine what pre-existed what got worse and what is new. So if you or anyone, you know in an auto accident in the st Petersburg area, please contact us immediately.

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