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Have you been injured in a car accident on 66th street North? Here at St Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid and Douglas, our office is at 5858 Central Avenue in St Pete, which is very close to the start of 66th Street. In fact, we're only maybe half a mile away from where Pasadena Avenue becomes 66th street North. Again, that St Petersburg 66th street North is about a 12 mile, approximately 12 miles stretch of road. So also a reference to state road six, nine, three and we get a ton of accident cases, whether it be car accidents or pedestrian accidents or even sometimes bicycle accidents all along 66th street. So as we had North from where Pasedena Avenue, uh, transforms into 66th street, we get a lot of car accidents, uh, at Tyrone and 66th street. For some reason, that's a big intersection. There's a ton of traffic coming in there by the Tyrone mall and for one reason or another there just a lot of car accidents.

We get a lot of rear-end accidents in particular at all those lights. And as you head North along 66th street, we get some car accident cases, um, you know, at the intersection of 38th Avenue North, 54th Avenue North. And then we get a lot as you move into Pinellas park at park Boulevard in 66th street. That is another really heavily congested area. There's always a ton of car accidents and pedestrian accidents in that area of Pinellas park as you head North. Another area that we get a lot of, uh, a lot of accidents, uh, all Merton and 66th street North. Again, that's a just a huge intersection. And what's interesting about that, that's technically Largo. Once you get that far North, and uh, the, what I've observed is not only do we at car accidents from rear end collisions at those, at that intersection, meaning 66th street and Oh Merton, but also there's a ton of pedestrian traffic crossing, uh, in that area.

There's an Arby's on one of the corners and there's a gas station on the North West corner. And so for one reason or another, there's just a lot of foot traffic. And we get, again, pedestrian cases, people just simply crossing the road, getting hit by cars, uh, on a regular basis. So if you've been involved in a car accident on 66th street North, the good news is we handle these types of cases all the time. We are familiar with the medical providers that handle these types of cases. Uh, if you were, if you were injured somewhere South on 66th street, you may go to palms of Pasadena hospital, you may be going to a st Pete general or Bay front. If it's a little bit farther North, maybe Pinellas park area, maybe you'll go to North side hospital or an it. And then, uh, as you get up into Largo, maybe you go to Largo medical for your emergency medical needs, but it's important to at least get emergency medical attention regardless of the extent of the impact. Then after you get out of the hospital or after you go to urgent care, contact us. What we'll do is we'll set up the claim and we'll put you in touch with medical providers that handle car accident and pedestrian accident cases to again, help you feel better and then recover compensation on the back end. So if you have any questions about a car accident or a pedestrian accident on 66th street, North, either in st Petersburg and Ellis park or Largo, please contact us for a free consultation.

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