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Have you been involved in a car accident in Pinellas park, Florida? If so, uh, you are certainly not alone because Pinellas park is really the epicenter of Pinellas County in terms of car accident cases. And one of the reasons why Pinellas park is such a dangerous area is that it is centrally located and it is within it. There are multiple, multiple high-speed roads. So traveling through Pinellas park, first off, one of the most dangerous roads in all Pinellas County, you have us 19. Anyone that's driven on us 19 knows the, just the level of congestion all along that road there are constantly rear end car collisions. There are truck accidents and there are a ton of pedestrian accidents actually. Um, uh, actually right near um, a park place, uh, and that [inaudible] that they just built, they're just all kinds of, uh, pedestrian accidents. But, uh, again, if you're involved in a Pinellas park accident, uh, it's possible that it took place on us.

19, uh, another road that we see a ton of car accidents on end truck accidents and pedestrian accidents. Park Boulevard, again, you get into that intersection there, park Boulevard in us, 19. It is extremely dangerous and then really all down Parkville Boulevard until you get to 66th street, tons of accidents. Uh, also in Pinellas park you've got a majority of a stretch of, um, of 66th street North. Um, and we again get a lot of rear end accidents, not so much pedestrian or truck traffic through 66th street, but a lot of car accidents. So again, Pinellas park has a lot of high speed roads going through it. It also is basically full of commuters. So, uh, not a whole lot of [inaudible] throughout the course of the day. There are a lot of people that are moving from either North County to South County or South County to North County through Pinellas park.

So you get rush hour in the morning, you get a lot of rear end accidents. Then at in the evening we've got a lot of rear end accidents, um, uh, through that rush hour. And again, they're commuters, so they're not being as careful as your normal residents of Pinellas park. They may be in a rush, they're not paying attention, they're speaking on the phone, maybe they're texting. So we get a, a much higher percentage of car accidents, um, throughout those roads in Pinellas park. So if you have been involved in a car accident, a truck accident, or even a pedestrian accident while you're walking along or trying to cross the road, the good news is that many of our clients go to Northside hospital on 49th street. That's a very convenient. Um, and also there are ton of medical providers located either in Pinellas park or close to Pinellas park that we work with on a regular that handled personal injury law, handled truck accident cases, handle car accident cases.

Uh, they are quality doctors, quality medical professionals. Uh, they're not in it to run up your bills, they're in it to provide you quality, legal, or excuse me, quality medical care and, uh, not take advantage of the situation. And at the end of the day, hopefully that helps your, your injury claim. So if you have been injured in either a car accident, a truck accident, or even a pedestrian accident in Pinellas park, and you have any questions, please contact us at st Petersburg personal injury attorneys McQuaid in Douglas. Our office is literally five minutes away from Pinellas park. So we handle these types of cases day in and day out. We know all the streets, we know how to work with the Pinellas park police department, we know all of the medical professionals. So we are highly qualified to handle and help you with any of your accident related injury or the accident related questions. And best of luck to you.

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