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Have you been involved in a car accident on 38th Avenue North in St Petersburg? If so, please consider contacting us at St Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid and Douglas. Our office is located in St Petersburg. Both Jonathan and I live in St Petersburg. We travel on 38th Avenue North all the time and we handle a ton of cases, uh, in that general vicinity and on that road. So we are exceptionally familiar and experienced in handling those types of car accident claims. Now 30th Avenue North starts on the Eastern side of Pinellas County, uh, at first at first street North, uh, right there at the, uh, public shopping center and it travels East, East to West and West to East, uh, across St Petersburg and across Pinellas County where it ends at park street North. Now on the Eastern side of the County heading, uh, East to West, we see frequent auto accidents and car accidents at the intersection of 30th Avenue North and fourth street North.

That is an extremely busy intersection. And so there are a lot of rear end collisions, a lot of, a lot of car accidents at that intersection with injuries as you had West on 30th Avenue North. The next, I'd say most dangerous intersection that we experienced a lot of car accidents at is the intersection of 34th street, North and 30th Avenue North. Right there as Burt Smith is located at that intersection, there's a Wawa and, and most dangerously as you headed West on 30th Avenue North, there's a little hump just before the intersection. So cars get a, you know, again, we're talking in Pinellas County, Florida. The roads are, are virtually flat throughout the entire County except in that one section. And as you head West on 30th Avenue North, cars accelerate down this, um, I guess down a decline and then come up a hump. And on the other side of the hump is the intersection and we see a ton of cars gaining too much speed and then bam, rear end collisions right at that intersection.

So it's a very dangerous intersection, especially if you're heading westbound. I'd say the next, uh, most frequent, uh, intersection where we see car accidents is 66th street, North and 30th Avenue North, right there at st Pete general hospital. Uh, coincidentally, right at that intersection we see some accidents and really not a a ton else, uh, throughout, um, the stretch at 38th Avenue North. So many of our clients of course being so close to Saint Pete general hospitals will go to Saint Pete general for emergency medical care. Uh, if you're in the Western side of Pinellas County, uh, there are some good urgent care centers on Tyrone Boulevard, but, um, you know, we do advise in every single car accident to get yourself checked out as soon as possible and contact a car accident lawyer to set up your claim. You're going to have some questions about your property damage and you know, what insurance company to speak to and how you do that and we'll be able to answer those questions for you and then also get, get you set up with some, uh, medical treatment thereafter.

Uh, most family doctors or general practitioners will not handle car accident cases because of the complexities of billing the car insurance. So you need a specialist that handles those types of accidents and we know all of them in st Petersburg and throughout Pinellas County. And then at the end of your treatment, what we do is we submit a inappropriate demand for damages in your case. So whatever your losses may be, uh, the extent of your injuries, obviously they are, they must be permanent in order to recover under Florida law. Uh, any type of future medical bills, your past medical bills, your lost wages, any future lost wages. And of course, pain and suffering will all be part of that demand that we submit to the insurance company on your behalf. And then, uh, hopefully the insurance company makes this inappropriate offer and we're able to settle your case up quickly. So if you have any questions about a car accident on 30th Avenue North and say in st Petersburg, police contact us for a free consultation.

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