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Have you been involved in a car accident on Tyrone Boulevard in St Petersburg? If so, here at St Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid & Douglas, we specialize in those types of car accident cases. Our office is at 5858 Central, so we're just a few blocks away from the beginning of Tyrone Boulevard where it begins there at fifth Avenue North in St Petersburg. As you head westbound on Tyrone Boulevard, we see a lot of car accident cases at the intersection of Tyrone and 22nd Avenue North and then again, the next intersection at Tyrone Boulevard and 66th street North. As you head further West, past the Tyrone mall, we don't see a whole lot of accidents until you get to the lighthouse crossings intersection where Tyron Boulevard crosses with a park street North. That's a pretty busy and hectic intersection. You also have a lot of pedestrian traffic down through that area.

But those are the main, I'd say accident points on Tyrone Boulevard. Of course, we're familiar with these types of accidents because our office, uh, for really for 40 years was that nine 80, Tyrone Boulevard. So we saw all those accidents really from our window. Uh, and we've continued to specialize in those types of accident cases. So, uh, after the accident, uh, what we'd recommend is that our clients get immediate medical assistance, go to the hospital, get checked out. Many will go to Bayfront, st Anthony's, st Pete general, maybe even palms of Pasadena, but get yourself checked out. If you don't need a to go to the hospital, we recommend get checked out at an urgent care. In fact, professional urgent care is right on Tyrone. It's just between the intersection of fifth Avenue North and ninth Avenue North. Uh, it's an excellent urgent care center. Uh, and there are a lot of just very good medical providers in the Tyrone area.

In fact, doctors injury group is right there on, uh, Tyrone and 66th street, just a few blocks North of that intersection. So there are a lot of really quality medical providers, um, in that general vicinity. Uh, after you get yourself checked out with a that emergency medical care, whether at an urgent care, at a hospital, after that car accident, we recommend that you contact a car accident attorney. Hopefully it's us. We'll be happy to handle the case and point you in the right direction. Uh, two medical providers that we know and trust, but also to set up your car accident injury claim. And that's very important because the insurance companies will be contacting you immediately after the accident and to try to get statements. They're going to try to get information. Um, and so it's good to have an attorney at least guiding you through that process. Once we set up the claim, we monitor your, your treatment, and at the end of the day, we'll make a claim for the appropriate amount of damages, a commensurate with your injury. So we hope that you're not involved in a car accident on Tyrone Boulevard in st Petersburg, but if you are, please contact us. We are experienced trustworthy, uh, and we'll do a good job for you.

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