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Have you been involved in a car or a truck accident on I-275. If so, you are not alone. And here at St Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid and Douglas, we handle literally countless car and truck accident cases on I-275. And quite frankly, those, uh, the, the cases are very scary. ,I-275 starts on the, the most Southern most stretch in Palmetto. And then as you head North, it crosses over the sunshine Skyway bridge in through Saint Petersburg. And then, uh, as you continue to head North [inaudible], excuse me, over the, uh, over the Howard Franklin bridge and into Tampa. Uh, that's where we see the majority of our accident cases. Um, the Howard Franklin bridge with the congestion on that and then into Tampa before the downtown area. Uh, both, uh, South and North are just, uh, uh, just countless, uh, uh, numbers of car and truck accidents.

They're on ITU 75. The congestion and the traffic is just terrible, uh, especially during rush hours. And the severity of the accidents, as I mentioned earlier, is, is usually quite great. Uh, and also what we've, we've noticed over the years of most of these car accidents on [inaudible] 75 are multiple car accidents. So you've got a rear end collision or even a spin out. Uh, and, uh, the cars create multiple, um, damage to multiple vehicles. Now in st Petersburg where we see a lot of are the car accident and truck accidents on ITU 75, um, during the, uh, lot of the entrance and um, the on and exit ramps. So, uh, you've got a lot of congestion really from 54th Avenue North exit, uh, down through 38th Avenue, North, 22nd Avenue North and into, uh, fifth Avenue North. That whole stretch there, over the last few years, it has really been very difficult to get on and off of two 75.

And because of that, uh, you've got a log jam of traffic and really a lot of collisions in that area. So it has become much more dangerous in st Petersburg to drive on ITU 75. So what do you do if you've been in a car or truck accident on I 75? Well first, you need to get medical treatment, get immediate, get immediate medical treatment and most likely your injuries. Uh, because of the speed limit and the severity of the crashes, the injuries warrant going to a hospital. If you don't go to a hospital, go to an urgent care sets, uh, urgent care center, but get yourself checked out immediately. And the reason why that's important is first you want to make sure that you're fine, but second, every day that you delay in getting treatment for a, a car or a truck accident, the insurance company will devalue your case.

So you don't want to get put yourself in that situation. Next, uh, I always advise to contact a car or a truck accident lawyer. Uh, again, we handle these cases day in and day out. We're intimately familiar with that car or truck accident lawyer can set you up with medical providers that specialize in those, the treatment of those very specific injuries. So your general practitioner, your family care doctor, they're not going to be equipped to handle car, car accident cases or truck accident cases. They're not set up to bill your PIP. And they won't handle it. So if you do try to get in with them, it is possible that there, by the time you get your appointment, go in there and they decline you, you've already lost a few very valuable days. So just get yourself set up with a medical provider that specializes in car accident or truck accident injury type claims. And then again, uh, if you, if you do retain a lawyer, that lawyer can a set you up with, um, the appropriate medical providers. Be set up your, um, your injury claim. See, look at your medical bills, help you with your PIP insurance, and then D at the end of the day, hopefully recover, uh, appropriate compensation for your losses. So if you have any questions regarding a car accident or a truck accident, uh, aunt ITU 75 in st Petersburg or Tampa, which is really the, where the majority of the accidents come from. Police contact us for free consultation.

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