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How do you bring a claim for injuries sustained at a gym or exercise facility? Now we don't get these questions very often, but injuries repeatedly happen at gyms or exercise facilities in St Petersburg and throughout the Tampa Bay area, we have a plethora of gyms in the a in the state of Florida. And so because of the number of people out exercising, obviously there are injuries. And so we get a lot of questions after an injury. Hey, what exactly are my rights to pursue a claim against either a person that injured me at a gym or exercise facility or against the actual facility. And so the purpose of this video is to explain what the various options are. So first, let me talk about a claim against a gym or an exercise club or facility. So if you've joined, if you have a membership at a gym or you're just even a guest for a day, you likely will have had had, they would have had you sign some type of exercise waiver so that if you're doing an exercise and you injure yourself, they are not responsible, but the gym cannot sign away their own negligence.

So let me explain what the two differences are. Say you're doing an exercise, maybe you're jogging on a treadmill and you lose balance and you slip and fall, uh, and you hurt yourself. You don't have a claim against the exercise facility because it was your own actions that caused you to fall and hurt yourself. The alternative is what if you're jogging on the treadmill and there was a malfunction of the treadmill. Say it stopped suddenly, maybe it's skipped. Maybe the belts were not properly maintained and that caused you to slip and fall and hurt yourself. Well then you have a claim against that exercise facility. So there's the difference there. Now as far as whether you're injured by a person at the gym, there are two other subsets. One, are you injured by an employee of the gym or the Exercise Facility? So say a personal trainer is doing an exercise with someone and they drop a weight on you.

Well, yes you at that point you have a claim against the exercise facility because their employee was in the course and scope of their employment and created the, uh, did some negligent event or careless event and caused you to be injured. So, uh, you have viable claim in that situation. Uh, in the second situation, what if a, just a Sim, a fellow gym member drops a weight on you and hurts you, maybe breaks your foot or s or something along those lines. You then may have a claim against that person's individual homeowner's insurance. Now normally we don't take cases just to sue people individually unless they have significant assets. So what we would do because of that person's negligence, or we would send a claim to them and see if they have homeowners insurance and likely that home homeowner's insurance would kick in to pay for your injuries.

Now. Lastly, you may wonder, well, how exactly are my medical bills paid after an injury at a gym or an exercise facility in St Petersburg? Well, if you've been injured, your own health insurance should kick in to handle your medical bills, and we will build those bills accordingly. If you do not have health insurance, then what we may do is refer you to a set of doctors or other medical providers that we have a relationship with and have you treat on what's called a letter of protection. So it's like an IOU that is repaid out of the proceeds of whatever settlement monies we receive. So again, you're able to receive proper medical treatment, and the doctors or medical providers are also repaid for the services that they provide. So again, at the end of the day, if you've been injured in a gym and exercise facility, a health club, uh, and you have questions about the viability of your claim, please contact us. Our consultations are always free.

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