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How important are reviews when selecting a personal injury attorney? So reviews are extremely important factor of our business here at st Petersburg personal injury attorneys, McQuaid and Douglas. And the reason why they're important is because is because it gives us a reflection and feedback from our clients as to how we're doing. And it also reflects basically the relationships that we form with our clients throughout each of our personal injury cases. Now, if you go online and you're researching a personal injury attorney, uh, and you've gone on their website, okay, the website obviously is written by that lawyer, so it may be a little bit biased, but normally the reviews and what I mean by reviews, you can find all kinds of reviews. Google reviews are absolutely the, um, the most common type of review out there. But you will also see there's Facebook reviews. Um, there are also platforms, um, like Yext.

So there, I mean, there are all kinds of different systems. Abbo, I mean, there's this, you name it, there's a lawyer directory that provides for reviews. And so what I suggest is after you've gone on and you've researched the attorney on their website and you've, and okay, you feel comfortable with them, go onto their Google my business page and look at their reviews because that really provides a glimpse into how they treat their clients and the rapport that they develop with their clients. And as I said earlier, we really pride ourselves here on developing relationships with our clients. It's not, it's not like, okay, you've been in a car accident, uh, we've settled your case and you're gone. Now, I normally am Facebook friends with most of my clients. I keep in touch with them. I messaged them to see how they're doing and how they're feeling.

I'm always available to speak with them and I try to reach out to them because again, uh, I feel an obligation and a bond with my clients, um, to take care of them moving forward. It's not just a, you know, a mil relationship here. And because of that bond that I formed with my clients, I believe that their settlement numbers are much higher than what you would find at one of those mills. And when, I mean mills, the one that types of law firms that are advertising on TV and just call me, call me, call me. So we like to think that we're very unique. But one thing to do when you're looking through the lawyers reviews, let's make sure the genuine, uh, there are ways that lawyers can finagle their reviews. And so make sure that the, that the reviews in your mind not only fit the type of case that you are looking for, but also that they are genuine and that they reflect the type of lawyer that you want to do business.

So I encourage you, if you are researching our law firms, st Petersburg, personal injury attorneys, McQuaid in Douglas, we've got reviews on all kinds of different platforms. I think we have dozens on Google, but, um, those reviews are all five star. And I believe they reflect, uh, how we treat our clients and give you a little bit of insight into how we treat people in general. So if you are looking for a personal injury attorney here in st Petersburg or anywhere in Florida, uh, and you're interested in, uh, uh, consulting with us, our consultations are always free of charge. Hopefully you've been impressed with our reviews and that has prompted you, prompted you to either watch this video or contact us, but we're here to answer any questions and it'd be a whatever type of service to you as possible. Good luck to you.

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