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The topic of this video addresses, how is a truck accident claim handled? So if you were in a truck accident in Pinellas County, it is likely that the accident occurred probably on 275, us 19 or on Park Boulevard as those are really some of the most frequent trucking corridors that I see and I’m familiar with those types of accident cases. Also on 66th street, we see a lot of those, but as far as how a truck accident claim is handled from a legal perspective, it isn’t all that different than your regular car accident claim with injuries. So what happens after a truck accident is you are entitled to up to $10,000 worth of insurance coverage through your own pip or no-fault insurance and that $10,000 pays for your lost wages and your medical expenses. Then the next step in the process, just like a car accident claim is we will make a claim against the trucking company’s insurance coverage, their bodily injury coverage for whatever permanent injuries you sustained as a result of that truck accident.

Now, the good news is on most truck accident cases, there is a lot of insurance available. The bad news is because truck accidents are usually more severe than your normal type of accident. The injuries are also more severe. So the, the value of the co of the claims are normally much higher. Now as far as the second step in the process that the attorneys will do in investigating the truck accident, there are several techniques that, that we can employ to investigate the worthiness of that truck. For example, we have the ability to go out and inspect the vehicle for any type of obvious defects. We have the ability to inspect the driving history for the driver to determine whether that driver has been on the road for a significant period of time and uh, otherwise should have been known to have been either tired or maybe just not, uh, fully up to speed. So those are investigative techniques that we are able to do, which are specific to truck accident, uh, claims and truck accident injuries. So if you have been involved in a truck accident in Pinellas county or anywhere in the Tampa Bay area, please contact our office. Our consultations are always free and we're happy to discuss the, uh, the injuries and the, uh, and your respective rights for your claim.

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