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How long should your personal injury case last until it is settled? So many of our clients after experiencing some type of accident with injury, whether it's a slip and fall, a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, whatever the case may be, they come to us, they begin treatment, but they really don't know, well how long is this going to take? They understand, okay, we have to go to our doctor's appointments, we have to get treated for the injuries, we have to get better. But the clients either think to themselves or express that question to us. This question to us, well when exactly am I going to get a check? When does this all end? And the answer to this question is basically it depends on the extent of the injuries and the type of medical treatment. Well, the fastest type of case for example, is a situation where someone has more serious injuries than there is insurance coverage available.

So use this example, you're in a car accident, you've injured your back or neck, you're sent off for an MRI, you've got, uh, herniations, uh, and therefore we've now established that you have a permanent injury. Uh, you may have been to the hospital and incurred some medical bills and I don't know, say your total medical bills are 10 or 15,000, uh, and PIP is paying down the $10,000. So that's being, uh, that's being handled. And the at fault driver only has $10,000 of coverage. Well, what do you do in a situation like that? I don't need to wait months for you to finish treatment in order to get that $10,000. So what I will do in that situation, it could be as little as a few weeks, we send that out. It's usually a short form demand, uh, send that to the insurance company and get the $10,000 tender.

So that's an example of some cases that are handled extremely quickly. But the general rule is if you have been in a car accident for example, and you're getting treatment for those back and neck injuries, your and you're only doing conservative care. And what I mean by that, it's chiropractic or physical therapy. You should be finished with treatment by the six month Mark. Uh, it'll give, you know, give us a couple of weeks to put together the medical records and maybe another week or so to draft the demand. So you're looking at maybe I'd just say ballpark six months until when the demand is sent out. Now, same scenario, you're in the car accident, you've injured your back or neck, but the doctor has recommended a series of injections. Well that's going to extend your case out significantly. And in those situations, normally you've exhausted your conservative care, meaning your chiropractic and your physical therapy didn't work.

And then you get the series of injections that'll extend your case by a few months. If you're in the situation where surgery is then recommended. In other words, the conservative care didn't work, the injections didn't work, and the only thing left now is surgery. Uh, your case is going to be extended out even farther because we'll most likely wait until you finish with whatever rehab, uh, that you're going through. So, um, we hope that you are not involved in an accident that results in injuries. Uh, but if you are, hopefully this video will provide you some information about the general timeframes, uh, as far as how long these, uh, these accident claims work. And I hope it was helpful for you.*The above has been transcribed by a third party service and has not been checked for accuracy

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