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The topic of this video is how much our sprains and strains worth in a personal injury case. So sprains and strains are really the most common type of injury following either a car, car, crash, motorcycle accident or slip and fall. If you have, have you been diagnosed with a sprain or a strain, you likely have experienced some type of significant injury and it is causing you pain and decreased mobility and it's a real problem for you. But at the end of the day, during your personal injury case, you really want to know, okay, how much is it worth? And when I say sprain or strain, I am using this in conjunction with a clean Mri. So your doctor absolutely. Absolutely. And every single personal injury case should send you off for an MRI. And if your MRI is clean, then you, all you've been diagnosed with is a sprain or a strain.

You're in a position where, okay, the value of your case is actually minimal. And I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news. It's still has value, but it is minimal. So if you, if you had an MRI with a bulge or herniation of the, of the cervical spine, okay, now you're looking at some real dollars, but a sprain or a strain and it doesn't matter where it is to the neck, to the back, to the knee, to the hip, you name it, wherever the spring or the strain is. It doesn't mean you don't have a permanent injury. It just means that the MRI did not pick up any type of significant diagnostic result. So you've been diagnosed with a sprain or a strain. So that's, this is the, this is the situation that I'm referring to, a sprain or a strain where you've got pain, you've done treatment, uh, but you are, and you're continuing to have problems with it.

How much is that worth? So in my experience, again, I'm located in Saint Petersburg, Florida. I practice primarily in the Tampa Bay area. So, um, I'm only referencing cases that are in this general vicinity. But insurance adjusters value these claims generally about several thousand dollars for a sprain or a strain. Again, that's what the clean Mri, as I said before, uh, in certain circumstances you can get the claims up to 10,000. Rarely have I ever seen a sprain or a strain at 25,000. I mean, it just really, they just don't reach those levels unless you've got some kind of abnormal medical bill, um, that, uh, that you've, that you've, um, uh, you know, rung up. But the majority of the cases, I'd say several, several thousand dollars for a strain or sprain, I'd say 10,000 is pushing it, but I'd say five to 10,000 is the, is the general range for a strain or a sprain from a personal injury accident. So, uh, hopefully that answers the question and that gives you a little bit of guidance so that you know, okay, how much is this case going to be worth? Because you don't go, don't want to be running up massive medical bills if you know that spring or that strain just simply isn't going to be valued by the insurance company at the end of the day. So a little bit of knowledge, hopefully, it goes a long way.

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