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Throughout history, there has been a trade-off of moving from safe and known forms of transportations to more efficient and faster ways such as walking or riding a horse. The most common form of transportation today is a car. The first car that was invented was in the 17 hundreds these cars weren't necessarily safe and for over 200 years they wouldn't have turn signals. The seatbelt was introduced in the 1950s and the airbag was introduced in the 1970s with all of these safety features, there are still over 1.2 million deaths caused by car accidents. So what seems to be the problem? Well, 90% of these car accidents are due to driver error.

The solution to this problem is to introduce autonomous driving vehicles, which would allow us to improve safety and reduce car accidents by removing the driver from the equation. Self-driving cars will reduce car accidents and injuries and promote safety because they never experienced fatigue and they never drive under the influence and they most definitely never experienced distractions.

They are literally designed to obey the law with this new emerging technology. We need to remember that it's not perfect yet, but we may end up living in a utopia of transportation where there are no automobile car accidents and injuries. The self-driving cars will feel more like an extension to our living room and then will benefit us in so many ways. Self-driving cars can be designed to be operating systems that can communicate with other cars on the road.

Now, I don't know of anyone in this world that knows exactly what the car next to them will be doing, but these self-driving cars can, and who knows? This might lead to Skynet, but I guess we'll just have to let our children figure that out.
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