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What do you do if you've been involved in an accident over the holidays and require medical treatment? Here it is, it's December 24th and I am at the office and wearing my Christmas tie. So it made me think, okay, what will happen for my clients on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, and really any major holiday like Thanksgiving, if they've been involved in some type of accident and require emergency medical care, well what do they do? Where do they go? So we've done some research and tried to find out what the options for our clients and any injured person if they are involved in some type of accident and injured over a holiday. Obviously, we don't want anyone to be injured over a holiday due to an unfortunate accident is probably not the way you want to be spending your holiday.

But due to the amount of specifically car traffic, motor vehicle traffic on the roadways, uh, there are a lot of accidents, uh, especially car accidents on the roadways in Florida. Uh, over the holidays. And so unfortunately it is inevitable that there are going to be accidents and people injured and people seeking medical attention. Well first how the hospitals are always going to be open. So, uh, that is going to be your number one option. Uh, doctor's offices, uh, medical providers, uh, chiropractors, um, physical therapists, all of the medical providers that you normally might see if the accident is not too severe or going to be closed on any type of holiday. And those are just simply not options. So your hospital has to be your number one option. Uh, we've called around also, uh, two urgent care clinics. The majority of your private urgent care clinics are going to be closed on Christmas day, new year's day, Thanksgiving for sure sample.

Um, so those are just simply not options. Uh, there are some chains, some hospital chains, especially in our area. Bay front has a, an urgent care center. Um, that also takes PIP or no fault benefits if you are involved in a car accident. Uh, and those will be open on Christmas Eve and new year's Eve. But again, not Christmas day. And not new year's day. So it's, it's really a limiting problem for people if you are involved, if you're involved in an accident, um, on either Christmas day, new year's day, or even Thanksgiving, it just are very few options. And so, uh, if you need to seek some type of medical treatment on that day, the hospital, it's going to be your only option. And I know it's expensive, but the good thing is if it isn't involving a car or truck accident, even a motorcycle accident on one of those days, um, they do accept forms of, um, of, um, motor vehicle insurance. Uh, so you shouldn't be covered there, which is some type of benefit, right? So again, we hope that you are not involved in some type of accident and injured on a holiday, but if you are and you're watching this video, hopefully I've been able to provide you some guidance as far as what your options are as far as medical treatment goes. If you've been injured due to no fault of your own and you'd like to speak to an attorney about setting up a claim, please contact us for a free consultation and happy holidays.

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