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At St Petersburg Personal injury Attorneys McQuaid and Douglas, we handle all types of injuries, but one type and cause of injury that we continue to see are pedestrian versus vehicle injuries or bicycle versus vehicle injuries. This recently came up in the news because the St Petersburg police department was just granted an $80,000 contract from the University of North Florida and FDOT to begin a heightened, uh, enforcement effort in certain areas to try to help avoid these pedestrian and or bicycle deaths and injuries. I think on fourth street alone, uh, one source said that there were already three pedestrian deaths on fourth street alone. And so this $80,000 contract that was just granted to the st Petersburg police department for a heightened, uh, enforcement effort, uh, is going to deal with focusing on fourth street and accidents on fourth street. It's gonna deal with accidents and focusing on Dr. Martin Luther King street, first Avenue North as well as central Avenue North, I'm sorry, central Avenue and 34th street. These are the corridors that the st Petersburg police department is going to be focusing and trying to really look for speeding and in particular pedestrians, not using sidewalks correctly and cross walks correctly because they think that these certain corridors are very dangerous and are causing lots of injuries and fatalities for our community. If you or anyone you have a no, I've been injured in a car accident or in a pedestrian versus vehicle accident, bicycle versus vehicle accident, please contact us immediately for a free consultation.

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