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In this video, I'm going to give a brief update as it, as we came to a close of the recent legislative session, one of the big things that was on the chopping block for the lawmakers was I the potential elimination of personal injury protection benefits or pip or sometimes it's called no-fault insurance. In Florida we have pip and pip means that there's $10,000 available to a party in an auto accident regardless of fault. And that's available for medical bills and a potential loss wages. And it's been like that for a long time. Over the past couple of legislative sessions, there have been various bills proposed to do away with pip. Uh, there's many different reasons behind these bills and trying to do away with pip. But the bottom line is, is if we did away with pip, they were, uh, in its place, there would be some sort of mandatory bodily injury liability coverage for the drivers in the state of Florida.

As we came to the close, uh, the last, uh, legislative session of 2019, uh, we saw that none of the pip legislation passed. So what that means is we still have pip. We still have no fault insurance. We still have that $10,000 available to anyone who's an automobile accident. Um, I suspect that in the future years we're going to continue to see challenges. There are proponents on both sides and there are detractors on both sides of the pip versus the mandatory bi. A lot of states have gone to a mandatory bi, just a matter of time to see whether or not the state of Florida is going to follow suit. If you have any questions regarding an auto accident or whether or not you're entitled to pip benefits, please give us a call for a free consultation.
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