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This video will address recommendations for car insurance from a car accident lawyer. Now our clients come to us day in and day out after going through an unfortunate car accident. And one of the first steps in the process as a car accident lawyer is to review the insurance information on behalf of our client. And one of the first questions that we ask is do you carry uninsured motorist coverage? And the reason why we do that is because here in Florida there are so many people driving around without either driver's licenses or without insurance. And it's really scary out there on the roads. So what we found is about one-third of our cases, so think of all the car accident cases that come to us about a third do not have insurance. So one way to protect yourself is to carry uninsured motorist coverage and that kicks in if the other driver has injured you due to no fault of your own and does not have any bodily injury coverage or doesn't have enough bodily injury coverage.

So again, we're talking about one-third of all of the cases. Then uninsured motorist coverage is going to apply. So in every situation, you as a motorist should look at your policy and make sure that you have both bodily injury. That again, bodily injury applies. If you hurt somebody if you hit somebody, you cause an accident and you hurt someone. And uninsured motorist coverage. So again, that protects you if someone else hits you and interest you. Uh, it's funny, I just had a client this morning come to me, uh, driving a 2018 Maserati. So fancy car had tons of bodily injury coverage. Well, of course, he was in a rear end auto accident. His car was basically smashed in half. Guess what? He did not carry any uninsured motorist. So if that driver that hit him does not have enough coverage, he is out of luck.

And so that's just a situation where obviously a guy's driving a Maserati, a, he can afford to carry the coverage, but he just simply did not know that you needed both bodily injury and uninsured motorist coverage to protect yourself if you're in a car accident. So hopefully these tips and these recommendations again from someone who's on the front lines of dealing with car accidents day in and day out in Pinellas County and the Tampa Bay area, Florida. Uh, we see it all the time. And again, with these recommendations, hopefully you can look at your policies and protect yourself.
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