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The question for this video is, should you do massage after a car accident? Now, massage is a commonly used a technique for the treatment of soreness after an auto accident. However, my answer to the question is no, and the reason for that is massage is not viewed to be an important medical treatment following a car accident. And in fact, you know, Florida has the pip, no fault system. Massage is not even a category of medical treatment that is covered by pip. So you can see how the medical community and how the legislature and how the insurance companies view massage just based on the fact that it's not covered. Now that being said, massage can be a component of conservative care. For example, if you go to a chiropractor, massage is usually an element of your treatment, but you're not going to a straight, quote unquote massage therapist for that massage.

So there's a difference. And the treatment through the chiropractics chiropractor's office actually is, is covered and can be repaid. So there is a difference there. But if you're thinking about going straight to a massage therapist and getting massages, you have to expect that the money that you are paying, because again, you're probably paying that out of pocket. You have to expect that that money is not going to be repaid. We're valued really in any way out of the proceeds of the car accident case. The insurance adjusters simply do not value massage as being a verified medical treatment. They view it as something more of a luxury, something just to make you feel better, but it doesn't really, but not particularly helping your injuries. Now I disagree with that. I think massage obviously has benefits, but what I'm telling you is in the eyes of the insurance company, massage just simply is not going to be compensated. So if you're debating whether to go to a, for example, physical therapy, chiropractic or massage therapy, definitely go to physical therapy or chiropractic over massage. Now you can go to a massage on your own, but again, expect that the money that you're using to pay that is just simply not going to be reimbursed. So hopefully that answers your question in terms of what is the value or importance of massage therapy after a car accident.

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