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Hi, my name is Sean McQuaid and I'm a personal injury lawyer here in St Petersburg Florida. We get frequently asked questions and three of them that I've chosen to answer here on this video I felt were going to be helpful for anyone watching. The first is, do I need a lawyer? I get this question frequently because I have a client come to me after their injured in an accident and they think to themselves, well I know it was an accident I know the other person didn't mean to hit me and I'm not the type of person who sues other people. In reality the way the systems works is, we’re not chasing after people's individual assets, we’re not taking their homes, we're not taking dollars out of their pocket. What happens is, we check to make sure that they have automobile insurance and we make claims against that automobile insurance and try to resolve the claims within those policy limits. Rarely do we ever file lawsuits, but when we have to, another thing you should keep in mind is that the insurance company assigns that personal lawyer, pays for that lawyer and then we'll pay the value of the claim. At the end of the day, if you have these types of concerns about whether you should hire a lawyer, I really think it is a no-brainer to at least consult with me and get more information about that question. The second question I hear frequently is, where do I go to get medical treatment? I run into this because many people have problems finding doctors that actually treat auto accidents. The reason behind this is because most doctors aren’t set up to deal with the roadblocks that the auto insurance companies have set up to get payment reimbursement. We see that a lot with people’s Primary Care Physicians. If you're injured and you're looking for a doctor, I can recommend reputable and quality doctors that are near you, that specialize in these types of case. If you have a doctor that you’ve worked with in the past, that handles auto accidents I'm happy to work with them too. Finally, who pays for my medical bills, I get that a lot. Florida is a no-fault system and what that means is that it is required by the vehicle owner to carry $10,000 of PIP or no fault benefits. Those PIP benefits cover $10,000 of lost wages or medical bills. Most of my clients have these PIP benefits and the medical bills and the lost wages come out of those benefits. Don't worry if you're using those benefits and you did not cause the accidents, some people are concerned if their rates will go up. No, you should not be concerned if you're not at fault for that accident. Again when you're talking about what should I do, should I hire a lawyer, again the risks of getting a lawyer involved to consult with on a case like this are minimal, if at all, and I highly suggest that you call a lawyer.

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