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What is the importance of filing an incident report after you've been injured either in an auto accident in St Petersburg or a trip and falls slip and fall in St Petersburg. We get this question all the time. We have clients come in, they're seriously injured, and we ask, have you filed or did you file an incident report related to the accident? Sometimes we have our clients say, no, we did not, and is that fatal to the claim? Absolutely not. But what ends up happening is that gives the either property owner or the at fault driver a little bit of wiggle room to say, okay, well this really didn't happen or it didn't really happen the way that we want to say it happened. It's very important to file that incident report if you've been injured on the premises of a business or a restaurant or a shopping center, for example, these incident reports, although sometimes may not be given to you once you actually file one, they're very important for documenting the fact that a, you were at the business B, that you were injured while there and see all of your contact information.

All of this is very important when we start getting involved and talking to these property owners about the injuries that you have sustained on their property for a trip and fall or a slip and fall on someone else's property as it relates to an auto accident. Obviously it's very important, and incident report is akin to, we'll say, a police report. It's very important to contact law enforcement report the accident because now we have that formal documentation of the accident occurring at any damages to your vehicle. Uh, any and all insurance information is very important to have. So I think that's a little overview of why it's important to file an incident report, whether you've been injured car accident in St Pete or on a trip and fall slip and fall in St Pete, is to make sure that you contemporaneously document your injuries and the fact that you were there at a time and place that you think and say you were. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us immediately at the office.

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