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Our society has seen technological advances beyond comprehension in this modern-day, the iPhone 3d printing, even genetic engineering. However, recent debates have centered around the safety of autonomous driving vehicles. With this new developing technology, many are concerned of its security and whether public safety will actually be improved. 81% of car crashes are caused by human error, whether it be drunk driving, speeding or getting distracted by things inside and outside of the vehicle. Human drivers are also known to be unpredictable. While a self-driving car will follow a strict set of rules and eradicate a large number of car crashes. However, does this mean that self-driving cars would ultimately be safer? In theory, maybe, but in reality, I'm not too sure. These savings only occur when more people elect to join in on autonomous vehicles. If self-driving cars are not adopted widely, accidents can and will still happen.

Car software would be a prime target for hackers and criminals. It would be susceptible to computer crashes and glitches. The reliance on technology that self-driving vehicles would entail could mean that over time, drivers are no longer equipped with the skills to operate cars. The current autonomous vehicle is not able to operate at a high level of safety in all weather conditions. For example, heavy rain can do serious damage to the laser sensor on top of the car's roof. This begs a question of what will happen in the event that technology fails. What will the driver do? It is also unclear how self-driving cars would maneuver through various obstacles like roadblocks or unique local driving laws. The computers could have difficulty identifying the different local and state rules. Conclusion, although autonomous driving vehicles would solve a numerous amount of today's safety problems, it would only create an immense number of safety problems for the future unless these issues are addressed.
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