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The question was asked, what do you do after you who have been injured by a hit and run driver here in Florida?

So these accidents are, are extremely common. Unfortunately, most of the time these hit and run drivers, uh, or had been drinking or they're impaired, they take off from the scene scene, never to be heard or seen again. So it really does create a problem for the recovery of your medical bills and also the recovery in the case. So the advice that I have, if you've been injured by a hit and run driver is first you have to bill your medical medical care through your own pip or no fault insurance. And remember how that works. It pays for 80% of your bills up to $10,000. And so because there's not another driver out there that's going to be the sole source of the payment of your medical bills at front, at first, your own insurance company. Now at the end of the day, what normally would happen if you knew the other driver, you'd be looking toward that driver's bodily injury coverage to cover for your injuries?

Since there's no driver out there because the person fled the scene, you must look at your own uninsured motorist policy. So hopefully when you obtained motor vehicle insurance, you added on uninsured or you m and that that specifically covers you in the situation such as a hit and run driver. Again, you don't have anybody else to go after. You look toward your own insurance company through your uninsured motorist coverage and you make a claim for your injuries against that, and that's how it works. If you have been hit and injured by a hit and run driver.
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