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What do you do if you've been injured at a hotel? In Pinellas county, we have so many hotels and so many tourists coming to our county that we are constantly called with various types of hotel accident cases. Now we're in St Petersburg, so we are literally five to 10 minutes away from St Pete Beach, which has a plethora of large hotels such as the don says are the Tradewinds, the Serrada postcard in a, we're also very close within five to 10 minutes from treasure island. You've got a lot of smaller hotels there, but still there are numerous hotels on treasure island as well. So being close to the beaches, we get a lot of tourists that contact us after they've been involved in an accident at a hotel and they're curious. They're, they're from out of state, out of the area. They don't necessarily know what to do, but they're injured and they're in unfamiliar territory.

So first off, always go immediately and get yourself emergency medical care. If you, uh, if you were in an accident on St Pete beach or treasure island, you probably would, would go to the hospital at Palms of Pasadena. Uh, if you're in St Petersburg, maybe you went to bay front or St Anthony's, uh, but in any event, uh, getting urgent medical attention is, is absolutely the number one priority. After you've received that emergency medical care, you need to make sure that the incident is reported to either the security or the hotel manager. It has to be documented. Uh, they have to do some type of investigation, pull the video surveillance, uh, speak to any witnesses, but in every single situation, make sure it's reported. You then may be contacted by risk management. You're under no obligation to speak to risk management. I would ever hope, uh, prior to speaking to risk management, you speak to a hotel accident attorney next.

Make sure you take pictures. Document the area of the accident so we get a lot of accidents. Slip and falls, other type of injuries, whether it's at the pool, at one of these hotels. Make sure you take pictures of what caused the accident. Was there, water on the floor, uh, was, um, was something covered up with sand, something not properly maintained, documented. And then also make sure you take multiple photographs of any of the injuries. Uh, lastly, my advices after any type of hotel accidents, speak to a hotel accident attorney. Uh, we offer free consultations. We routinely take calls from tourists and visitors to St Pete Beach, treasure island, St Petersburg, or injured at a hotel. If you have any questions about how works, what your rights are or what compensation that you are owed as a result of the hotel's negligence, call us. We're happy to answer your questions.

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