What Does a St. Petersburg Personal Injury Attorney Do?

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Sometimes I have my family friends or clients ask me, what does the st Petersburg personal injury attorney do? Well, we do a lot of things, but what it means generally is that we help people who have been victims of other people's negligence that has caused our clients to incur some sort of injury, hence the personal injury. So think about a car accident. Well in a car accident, if you've been involved in a car accident as a result of someone else's negligent driving and you've been injured, that's a personal injury. So we handle car accidents, we also handle our wrongful death claims, wrongful death claims. Again, if someone's negligence has caused the death of someone that would be considered a wrongful death claim. And interestingly enough, the wrongful death claims fall under the personal injury attorney umbrella. And so it's a very broad term that we use to describe how many different types of injury that we handle, uh, here at Battaglia, Ross, Dicus, McQuaid, P.A.

And it's very important to understand that it affects so many different areas of the law and so many different theories of the law. So think about perhaps a slip and fall or trip and fall. This is what we call a premises liability case. However, it still falls under the purview of Saint Petersburg personal injury attorneys, right? Because someone has been on the property of another injured as a result of a dangerous condition on that property. And that injury is a personal injury. So again, we have many different areas of the law that fall under the purview of Saint Petersburg personal injury attorneys. Um, if you have any questions about any of your personal injuries and whether or not there are any avenues of, uh, redress or recourse, please contact us immediately.

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