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This video is going to address what it means to set a case for a jury trial. In a personal injury case. Oftentimes our clients are a little weary of setting a case for trial, but these cases sometimes have to get pushed. The reason being is if we get to a point during the litigation where we have yet to be able to successfully resolve it, whether there's a legal issue involved or whether the insurance companies playing hardball. The next logical step is to set a case for a jury trial. This does not mean however that the case will actually go to a jury trial. What it does is it moves the case forward in a meaningful manner and when you set a case for trial, what happens is the court issues a pretrial and trial order that sets up deadlines for certain things to happen like expert discovery and depositions of expert depositions and these things help frame the case and set a timeline.

This timeline is very important because it helps force the insurance company to actually look at the pros of their case and the cons of their case and it also makes it go up the ladder because now those litigation adjusters are having to report to their higher ups about what cases are going to trial. These litigation adjusters have various different deadlines within their own company to actually prepare a case for trial and we want those deadlines to hit and we want these litigation adjusters to be looking actually evaluating every case and the only way we really get to that hot topic, that immediacy is to set the case for trial. Oftentimes it goes all the way up to the courthouse steps, the morning of trial and were able to settle a case. Sometimes it happens right after mediation, but the fact of the matter is setting a case for trial helps grease the wheels and helps these insurance adjusters who might be overwhelmed or frankly just too lazy to actually put the time into, look at the case, actually look at the case, look at the value, and hopefully resolve the case. I hope that answers a little bit about one or two of the reasons why you would set a case for trial.
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