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The topic of this video is what is a civil remedy notice in a personal injury case. Now a civil remedy notice is also referred to as a CRN and your lawyer may have suggested to you at some point in your case we need to file the CRN and you may have had questions. What exactly does that mean? A CRN applies when you are making a claim against your own insurance company for recovery of whatever damages, so it applies to uninsured motorist and what is likely happened is that your lawyer has submitted a claim to your insurance company for some type of recovery on your uninsured motorist and the offer. It has either been denied or it has been too low to accept. Now a CRN is the next step in the process and what that is, it's a basically a letter to the department, the Florida Department of Insurance explaining why the claim off, why the offer, why the actions by the insurance company.

We're in violation of the policy that you had with that company and it's submitted to the Department of Insurance. It's also copied to the adjuster on the file. Now the effect of that is that it's supposed to, the Department of Insurance is supposed to be regulating insurance companies. So if they get a CRN, they're supposed to be investigating to see if the insurance company acted in bad faith or not. But the reason we filed the CRN is two fold. One, it's to get a senior claims examiner to what to review your file. So you believe that the adjuster on the case has made a mistake or undervalued the claim. It's good to get a senior set of eyes, someone else to look at it so that hopefully you get a higher offer and get the claim resolved. But the second and really the hammer for a CRN is that, uh, if they, if you were still not able to resolve the claim, it exposes the insurance company to a bad faith claim.

If in fact you go to trial and you get a verdict in excess of the policy. So it carries a little bit of a, of, of danger to the insurance company. And so that's why a personal injury lawyer, which submit a CRN in your case, try to get the offer up or try to get the policy tendered, uh, in an effort to resolve your claim at that point. Now, if the CRN is not successful, you are left with either walking away or accepting what they, what they offered, or perhaps filing a lawsuit. So hopefully that explains what a civil remedy notice is. An a Florida personal injury claim.
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