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What is a global settlement conference after a car accident? So here at St Petersburg Personal Attorneys McQuaid and Douglas, as you can probably tell by virtue of our videos and our website, we handle a multitude of car accident claims. And from time to time we get notices from an insurance company after a car accident of what's called a global settlement conference. And basically, that's another name for a mediation. And it occurs when there are normally multiple claimants to a specific car accident policy. So for example, yesterday I was at a mediation with Geico. There was a set number of policy, a set dollar amount of a policy and my client was involved in a four car pile up. So there were five claimants that all submitted claims tore against that one Geico policy. So what Geico said was, Hey, they picked a mediator, they picked a location, they paid for it, uh, and we are putting X number of dollars in basically the entire policy amount at play and come to this global settlement conference and let's divvy up the amount of the money.

So that's what a global settlement conferences in a car accident case. So you'll have to have multiple claimants and normally multiple cars involved in the accident. So, uh, there is no guarantee, however, that an insurance company will tender the full amount of the policy. It just really does depend on a case by case basis. But normally they just throw the money out and they say figure it out. And what'll happen at these global settlement conferences is that they'll, they'll assign a field adjuster for the insurance company and also a lawyer for the insurance company. There'll be a mediator. Uh, I normally like my clients to be at the settlement conferences because I think it distinguishes up us, I think it makes us look better. And so what happens is it's just like any other mediation, you give a presentation at the outset about what your client, what happened at the accident, what your client's injuries were, how it has affected here.

She, and then, uh, outline of the total medical bills and out of pocket expenses. And each lawyer or each claimant will do the same thing. And then you break out into rooms. And the mediator goes back and forth until you reach a resolution, just like a mediation. Uh, but this is specifically for car accidents and it's called a global settlement conference. And the good news is, especially with Geico, is the field adjuster that's assigned there actually brings a checkbook. So they'll give you a release right on the spot, a settlement document, and to check the walkout with. So if you were involved in a multiple Clayman or multiple car car accident, and there were multiple people making, um, uh, demands and claims for damages against this specific policy, you may get that notice of a mediation conference. And, and hopefully this now explains what that is and how it works. And good luck to you.
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