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What is an EMC or emergency medical condition after a car accident? The EMC relates to whether or not personal injury protection benefits the full value is going to be triggered or not. And what it means is that you after car accident are going to be evaluated by a medical doctor. That medical doctor is going to evaluate your physical condition and your injuries to determine whether or not in their professional opinion it rises to the level of an emergency medical condition. It is very important to get this done timely because there are timelines and timeframes that have to be complied with after your automobile accident in order to have the hip benefits apply fully. And it's a one-time treatment, uh, typically, and it's fairly quick because these, uh, medical doctors know exactly what they're looking for and they know they can get you in and out quickly.

But there are timelines that need to be abided by and is very important to understand that this applies after an automobile accident after car accident. And it has to do with making sure that you get the full value of your personal injury protection benefits. Um, oftentimes if you went to the Er, sometimes the EMC has given right then at the er, but a lot of our clients don't realize the extent of their injuries right after the accident. It might not go to the emergency room. It's only until the days after were they're in severe pain that they end up perhaps going to their primary care physician who would then refer them out. And, uh, they would then get the EMC there. And so if you have any questions regarding an EMC or personal injury protection benefits related to car accidents in the Saint Petersburg area, please contact us for a free consultation.

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