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The topic of this video is going to address a question we get often is what is stacked UM insurance essentially stacked and assurance means that there are two separate vehicles on the same policy are under the same policy number and those vehicles are able to get the benefit of both the insurance coverages. So for example, if someone had a $25,000 you m policy that was stacked, meaning there's two vehicles on the policy at each vehicle had $25,000 of Uim stack. Then if one vehicle gets in the accident and you m insurance is going to have to cover that one vehicle for that one accident, actually instead of having $25,000 in coverage has the full 50. So that's the stacking effect that we see in UN stacked insurance. It's very important to understand stack versus non stack because when we're looking at the total amount of potential insurance available to a client, we want to make sure that we have as much potential money in that pot to take care of our clients.

Medical needs, injuries, et Cetera, lost wages. Um, and so the stack versus non stack is a very important nuance and a something that you need to look at when you're obtaining insurance and consider a is that going to be better for your family, is going to be better for you to have stock versus non stack. Obviously, if there's going to be more than one vehicle on a single policy or under a single policy, uh, I would strongly recommend looking at stacking those policies because you're going to get the benefit of both of those insurance, uh, stack limits. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call, set up an appointment, we'd be happy to talk to you about you have insurance, bodily injury insurance, and whether or not you're adequately covered. Yeah, if you have any questions regarding those issues, feel free to give us a call.
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