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This video is going to address a question we get often with our car accident clients. What is the value of a surgical recommendation after a car accident? Well, oftentimes we don't get to that surgical recommendation until there's been a conservative course of treatment. Conservative course of treatment means Chiropractic care, uh, potential injections. All of these things happen before. A surgical recommendation sometimes is given by a surgeon. Our clients oftentimes don't want to rush into getting a surgery right after a car accident. They want to try to see if they can take the pain long as long as they can long enough. Um, so we're left with what we call a surgical recommendation. Well, what is the value of that? Well, to an adjuster, uh, unfortunately there's been a lot of bad apples out there that have gotten surgical recommendations just to inflate the value of the case.

So from a pre suit standpoint, insurance adjusters really don't give that much value to a surgical recommendation. Uh, after an automobile accident pre suit. Now it changes slightly once we get into a lawsuit because now more time has passed. Perhaps a client is looking to get that surgery because they can no longer stand the pain. And so the surgery might ultimately happen during suit, which will obviously increase the value of the case because that, that medical cost has been realized, uh, throughout the course of a lawsuit if the surgery has not been done. And however we have a surgical recommendation, um, perhaps some more value is given to it during litigation, but still those insurance adjusters and an insurance defense attorneys are really looking to see whether or not that surgery was actually done before they're putting that surgery money on the case. And so we have to do everything we can to develop and strengthen a case in order to properly optimize your automobile accident case in St Pete and Tampa. Um, and if you have any questions about optimizing the value of the case, please feel free to give us a call for any car accidents, motorcycle accidents in Saint Pete Area Tampa area.

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