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The topic of this video is going to address the question we get all of our personal injury cases. What's the value of my case? Well, the first initial hurdle we have to get over on the value of the case is what are the injuries that is really going to drive the value of your case. The injuries coupled with the other types of damages such as pain and suffering or lost wages, lost income, but the real value of the case is really driven by those injuries and the severity of those injuries. We look towards. Medical records are doctors' reports and we rely on these to establish the value of your case. This is just one component of establishing the value of your case. However, because the next question is the real question, whether or not there's insurance coverage to cover you for those injuries and cover the true value of your case and an auto accident.

For example, if the at fault party doesn't have bodily injury liability insurance, that means there's zero insurance to cover the injuries that you've incurred. We have to look at your own insurance policy and whether or not you have under insured motorist coverage. And if there's no m coverage and no bodily injury liability coverage on the at fault party, then there's no insurance coverage. And you may have a very valuable case. However, unfortunately there might not be any insurance to pay for it. Conversely, if the at fault party, let's say for example, carries a $100,000 bodily injury liability policy, that's going to be able to cover you for your injuries. And so that's when we flip it back and we look at what are the value of your injuries, what and how have you been injured? How has this accident impacted your life and the life of your family? So I hope this has given you a little bit of an understanding of how we value a case and it's really a two step process. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at our office for a free consultation.
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