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In this video I'm on going to address a question we get often from our clients who've been injured in auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents is what kind of insurance in the future should I carry a to protect myself? Well, the biggest type of insurance that someone should carry to protect themselves in the event that they're injured as a result of someone else's negligence would be under insured or uninsured motorist coverage. And typically what ends up happening on those types of policies is the under insured motorist coverage matches what your policy has for your bi liability coverage. So if you have $20,000 in bi liability coverage, you also have $20,000 in Uim. If you purchase you em in the state of Florida, you do not have to purchase bi liability insurance, nor do you have to purchase under insured motorist coverage. However, the u m coverage is the most important type of coverage in the state of Florida to protect yourself in the event that your an auto accident or a motorcycle accident and this you're not the at fault driver.

Those types of coverages are very, very important. Other times we have clients and ask us, well, what are the limits that we need to worry about? What type? What's the lowest limit I can have? Well, it's a two edged question. Obviously people don't want to pay too much for insurance. So that's how sometimes you m gets cut off a policy. Or some people don't even have bi insurance because they're trying not to pay as much. But I typically tell clients a solid policy to have would be your minimum coverage would be 100 300 meaning $100,000 of of Bi and m uh, per person and the 300 Agri per accident. So the 100 300 limits is what I recommend our clients to the extent they can afford it and you can pay for it. That would be a good policy to have. But remember, it's both the bi and the u m a coverages.

So one thing you need to look for and be careful of when you're actually going out and getting this insurance is there's an ability for, for you to actually decline Uim coverage. You don't want to decline it. You want to make sure that you, um, policy, uh, is there for you and your, um, your riders I be is very important, uh, and an automobile accidents, especially in the state of Florida. Um, and in Saint Petersburg, because we've got drivers out there, not insured at all, and that's when they, you and kicks in. So if you have any questions regarding insurance coverage, uh, automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, personal injuries.
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