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What percentage of personal injury cases go to trial? And that's the question to be answered in this video. And when I referring to personal injury cases, I'm referring to everything that's possible out there in terms of an injury, a car accident cases, any type of auto accident, motorcycle cases, slip and fall cases, trip and fall cases, premises liability involving negligence, security, premises, liability involving negligence, supervision or hiring, you name it, the uh, the total amount of cases that could be filed. Now there are also two sub parts to this question. There are the amount, there's an answer for the, a number of cases that come into a lawyer's office and then there's the answer to the types of, uh, how much actually go to trial after a lawsuit is filed. So let's talk about just generally speaking, out of all the cases that you may hire a lawyer to handle all personal injury case related, the answer to that is less than 1% actually go to trial.

That is a staggering staggeringly low number, less than 1% and that's not just found in the statistics. That's based on my own experience. We're doing this for 20 years. The experience of my office, again, a firm's been around for over 60 years, less than 1% of the time. When you hire a lawyer on a personal injury case, will your case actually go in front of a judge or a jury to be determined? So, uh, let's then move on to the second part of the question. What percentage of cases actually go to trial after you filed a lawsuit? And again, we did some research on this prior to shooting this video and the answer is 95% of the cases settle without going to trial. 95% and again, that is consistent with our experience. The experience in a Saint Petersburg, Florida and the Greater Tampa Bay area, 95% of cases settle prior to trial.

So now that all being said, you still, if you're filing a lawsuit, you still have to be prepared to go to a trial if you have to. You cannot count on the case settling because if you're doing that, then you're giving up valuable dollars in pursuit of the case. So you have to be ready in order to maximize the value of the case, which means you have to jump through all the hoops, go to the deposition, answered the discovery, go to the mediation, um, you know, make sure that you have all your witnesses and your evidence lined up, do all your, uh, expert analysis, whatever the case may be. You have to be ready in order to maximize the value of the case. But in all likelihood, your case is not going to go to trial. And that's something that people want to know because there's a, for most people, this is their first, their first foray into the legal system and they're going to be very nervous.

They don't want to go up against a, another lawyer crossing Sam, anything them, they don't want to be putting themselves out in front of a judge or a jury to determine the amount of money. And there's risks associated with that and a lot of time and money. So, uh, most people want to know that their case is going to be resolved without going to trial. And if that, if you are one of those people, the odds are strongly in your favor. So hopefully that answers the question about what percentage of personal injury cases go to trial.

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