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What do you do if you've been involved in a car accident in Pinellas Park? And the reason why I put together this video is that we constantly are contacted by clients who are injured in Pinellas Park, which is really only a few minutes from our office. So we're really being in St Petersburg, we border Pinellas Park and therefore we get a ton of clients coming to us after being involved in accidents in Pinellas parks. So I thought, okay, let's do some type of video specific to Pinellas Park car accidents. Now, Pinellas Park is somewhat unique in Pinellas County, Florida because it is right in the middle of the county. And because of that, there are multiple roads that run through Pinellas Park that are actually commuter type roads. You've got 66th street, you've got us 19, you've got park boulevard. All of those roads are high volume traffic areas. Uh, vehicles have a likelihood to perhaps speed on their way to their job or the way home from their job.

There's usually a lot of congestion, especially during rush hours. And therefore there are a lot of car accidents on those thoroughfares. In Pinellas park. And as a result of that, sometimes you've got people on there that they may not be as familiar with the roads because they're just simply commuting. They're passing through the area. They are less careful than what a normal resident of Pinellas park or the nearby area, uh, would, would normally be. So if you're involved in a car accident in Pinellas Park, the good news is, so not only is our office five to 10 minutes away, but also there are a ton of medical providers in Pinellas Park that are excellent. So if you live in Pinellas park and it's convenient for you, there are a ton of, uh, as I said, MRI companies, doctors, other medical providers, all centrally located in Pinellas Park that specialize in car accidents.

So you've got a lot of options available to you. If you're, for example, your car has been destroyed in the car crash. Well, if, uh, if there's a medical provider nearby and it makes it a lot more convenient to you. Also the Pinellas Park Police Department, they're pretty good about getting their, uh, crash reports done in a timely manner. We're able to go online and pull those relatively easily. And they're generally speaking, although not the best police department, if you've ever come in contact with them, they do a fair enough job. They usually work with, um, the Pinellas County sheriff's office in conjunction if it's a serious type accident or even Florida highway patrol. So we really don't have any problems with law enforcement. So if you've been involved in a car accident in Pinellas Park and you're looking for a lawyer, or you're looking for a medical provider that handles accidents in Pinellas park and feel free to contact us, we can point you in the right direction. We have worked with literally every medical provider that you can possibly imagine in the area. We can point you in the right direction to people that are quality. Um, they're not going to be your mill type, uh, medical providers that are just out to bill your pip insurance and don't really care about you. We don't operate like that here at, uh, St Peter's for personal injury, personal injury attorneys, McQuaid, and Douglas. So you have any questions about a Po Pinellas Park car accident. Please feel free. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.
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