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The topic of this video is what type of medical treatment should I get after a car accident? So if it's, if this is the first time you've been involved in a car accident or the first time you've been injured in a car accident, you're likely going to have questions about what type of medical treatment and what type of options are available to you. So the reason, the reason I put together this video was basically to inform you what your options are and then to tailor those options toward the particular injury and treatment that you want. So first and foremost, if you have been involved in a, in a serious car accident and you've got possible broken bones lacerations, um, you need to go to a hospital and go to a hospital immediately. Also, if you don't have health insurance and a private provider is not going to see you, you need to go to the hospital because obviously the hospital cannot refuse you medical treatment.

So the second, second option, if you've been in a m, and it doesn't really matter that the level of car accident, but the, if the injuries are to the point that they are not severe, yes you're in pain, but you're, you're confident you don't have any broken bones, then I suggest you go immediately to an urgent care center. And the benefit is a, you get checked out and you get yourself looked at, but B, you're not running up massive bills like a hospital's going to, a hospital stay would incur. You know, the difference to your pip. In other words, your no fault benefits are massive hospital bills, eating up a lot of that pip or an urgent care that's going eat up a very minimal amount, but also, but in either situation, you're checked out and the medical provider will least provide you some type of guidance as to what is going on.

Now the next circumstance is you may have a, uh, family doctor in a general practitioner that you're familiar with and even though you trust that person, most general practitioners in Florida do not handle motor vehicle accidents. And the reason for that is motor vehicle accidents, Bill, uh, off of pip, that no fault insurance I just spoke about. And these family care doctors just are not set up to build. They're not equipped to handle those types of cases. So even if you do go in to see your primary care doctor, most of the time they're going to say you're fine. Maybe give you some muscle relaxers or some aspirin or something along those lines, which really doesn't help your auto accident case. You really need a specialist. So that dovetails into the question, well what about a specialist? So the doctors that specialize in auto accidents are really a cock doctors of chiropractic and then your, your Orthos, uh, now in Ortho.

If you're able to find one of them quickly, that is absolutely your best bet. The problem is most of those doctors have appointments many, many days or weeks out and you just simply cannot wait that long after a car accident to get in with that doctor. Because again, don't forget the insurance company's going to look at this case at your case and say, well, if you've got a gap in treatment after the accident, how badly could you have been injured? So think about that when you make that decision. Now it's a good idea to get in with an Ortho at some point, but maybe not right off the bat, just due to the timing issues. So then again, the last doctor would be the chiropractor and a, I recommend chiropractors in a lot of soft tissue cases. If you've got pain, neck, back, whatever the case may be, get in with them. They usually can see you pretty quickly. And, um, that's basically the analysis of what to do after being involved in a car accident. Those are your options and good luck to you.
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