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What's the difference between filing a claim for your car accident versus filing a lawsuit for your car accident? Well, filing a claim is the first step in the process. If you've been injured in a car accident, what ultimately happens is we file a claim with your insurance company or the at fault insurance company and or causation. Causation is whether or not the accident actually caused the injuries that we're talking about. Sometimes there's too far of a discrepancy between what we believe the case is worth for our clients and what we're fighting for and what the insurance company is, is trying to offer. So that's the claim process. Now that's vastly different than filing a lawsuit for your car accident. Filing a lawsuit is actually filing a civil lawsuit in court, which sues the at fault driver for the accident. And so most of the time that lawsuit involves a claim of negligence.

In other words, the at fault driver negligently operated their motor vehicle, their car, and that negligence caused the car accident that caused your damages, right, caused your injuries. And so we're actually filing a lawsuit against that at Fault Party. Now we do this to gather more discovery and most importantly, make sure that our clients have the best opportunity for a successful car accident case. Sometimes we have to file that lawsuit to push that case down the road and force the decision makers at the insurance companies to actually sit down and look at the value of this case. It's somewhat of a leveraged position, but it's also making sure that we hold the people responsible, accountable for your car accident and the injuries that result there from. If you have any questions about either filing a claim for a car accident or filing a lawsuit for a car accident, please feel free to contact us immediately.

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