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This video is going to address what's the importance of cooperating during an accident investigation? We get this question all the time and the short answer is it's very important to cooperate during the investigation of an automobile accident. First and foremost, if you're able to cooperate, in other words, you haven't been taken to the Er via the ambulance before law enforcement gets there. If you're able to cooperate, you need to first priority of law enforcement came out is make sure everybody's safe. But from our perspective, liability is a key issue because insurance companies involved in these various different insurance policies, uh, in the, uh, vehicles involved in the automobile accident are going to be trying to shift liability to the at fault parties. Sometimes liability is clear, like a rear end collision. That's pretty straightforward. The car rear ended, the other vehicle is at fault. But when we have conflicting stories about how the accident occurred, that's when liability sometimes becomes an issue.

And that's why cooperating with law enforcement and making sure that law enforcement understands your role in the accident is key to ensuring that you are going to have the ability to pursue any and all available insurance policies to protect you and the event that you are one of your passengers injured. And so oftentimes people kind of take a back seat to the investigation. Don't take a back seat, make sure you're part of the investigation. And that's the investigation from law enforcement side. Because what you don't want to have happen is when you're involved in an automobile accident, motorcycle accident, and Saint Pete, you don't want to have the law enforcement erroneous leap give you the ticket for being at fault. We need to avoid that because that can potentially be later used against you down the road. Uh, if you want to pursue an injury claim.

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