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The question was asked, who pays for my medical bills after a car accident? You're in Florida, we have PIP or no fault insurance that pays for up to $10,000 worth of medical expenses after an auto accident. So that is always the first pot that is tapped following an auto accident. Now you may ask, well, what do we do after the $10,000 is gone? And quite frankly, $10,000 for medical expenses really does not go that far these days. Mythic about hospitals, a hospital bills themselves usually run many, many thousands of dollars. So after the 10,000 is exhausted of the PIP benefits, you have really two choices. And one is whether you're going to go into continue to bill your medical expenses through your health insurance, or whether you enter into what's called a letter of protection, which is really just an IOU out of the proceeds of the case.

So my advice is after a car accident, speak to your lawyer. The lawyer should be monitoring your medical treatment and monitoring basically how much, how, how, how great your bills are. And so if they're watching that, if you're watching that, you'll know when the PIP is exhausted and whether at that point to switch over to bill through your health insurance or through an alternative method such as the Lop. Now, an lop is basically a contract that you signed between you and the doctor, that you will pay them back out of the proceeds of the case and they send that off to your lawyer. So it's fully secure. And a letter of protection also means that, um, on paper, of course, if you do not pay that letter of protection, you're not able to secure enough money. You're individually responsible for that balance. So you want to watch how much your medical bills are at the end of the day in conjunction with your lawyer. So hopefully that answers, that answers the question about who pays for my medical bills after the car accident?
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