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Who will pay for your medical bills after a car accident? So I get this question frequently from clients who are concerned about not going to the hospital or not getting medical treatment because they're concerned. I don't want to incur these bills if there's no case or I'm not going to recover any money. And it's a legitimate concern. It's a common question throughout many of the people that I, that I speak with after being involved in a car accident. So the most common example is a, there is a moderate impact or moderate to low impact I would say. Somebody feels some soreness a day of, they wake up the next morning with S, you know, back and neck issues and they think to themselves, well, something's wrong. I obviously have an injury as a result of this accident, but, uh, maybe out of wait to just see if it gets any better rather than going to get checked out incurring medical bills, which I'm not sure how they'll be repaid.

So that's a common question and it's, and like I said, I, I get this all the time. The good news is in Florida, you have what's called PIP or no fault insurance through your auto insurance carrier and you've paid for this benefit and your rates are not going to go up if you use this benefit. But what that set up to do, regardless of who's at fault, it allows you to go and get yourself checked out and to receive medical treatment and it will pay up to $10,000 of your medical expenses. So that goes, you know, quite a quite a ways. If it's a, a low to moderate, uh, impact in a, um, you know, minor to moderate injury. So it should not be a concern of yours about incurring medical bills and then having to get stuck paying them out of pocket because you do have that auto insurance available and it's not gonna affect your rates.

So if you are been in a car accident and you have any questions about whether you should get get checked out, I always advise people and potential clients go get checked out, go to the hospital, go to an urgent care facility and just get, get, get yourself checked out in some manner. And then if the problem continues, come back and we can refer you out to somebody with a little more uh, uh, area of specialty in somebody that will be available to treat you more frequently in the future. Because here's the problem. If you wait, if you've in a a, a low to moderate impact and you wait, uh, and you think, okay, days go by, well the problem is not getting any worse. The insurance company will look at that delay in treatment, whatever the gap of time may be. If it's two, three, four days, maybe several days, who knows?

They will look at that gap in treatment and they will devalue your case because they will, they take the position that you could not have been injured that badly if you waited all that time to go see someone. So get yourself checked out, give yourself the peace of mind, and also it protects your car insurance claim on the backend. So if you do, if you unfortunately are in a car accident and you are injured and you have any questions about setting up a claim or hiring a car accident lawyer, I invite you to contact us at st Petersburg personal injury attorneys, McQuade and Douglas. All of our consultations are free.*The above has been transcribed by a third party service and has not been checked for accuracy

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