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The topic of this video is why hire a personal injury attorney to help with your claim. So being a Saint Petersburg personal injury attorney, I see firsthand the benefits as to why a person would want to hire an attorney to help out. So the purpose of this video is just to take a step back and to look at all of the benefits that a personal injury attorney can provide you when evaluating a case. So first, after you're in an accident, whether it be an automobile accident, motorcycle slip and fall, any type of personal injury case, uh, you may have a question about how to get medical care. So just because you have health insurance does not necessarily mean that all of the providers will assist you and provide appropriate medical coverage. And that's one area where a personal injury attorney can step in and guide you in the right direction.

Also, if you've been involved in an automobile or a motorcycle case and you have property damage claims or questions or concerns about how the adjuster is handling the valuation of your loss, again, that's an area that we as personal injury attorneys can assist you with and provide you guidance in terms of the negotiation. Also, most people are not qualified to put together the appropriate records in order to present a car, a claim to an insurance adjuster. So remember, an insurance adjuster is not just going to hear, hear you say over the phone, Oh, I hurt my back, are hurting my neck, pay me money. I mean, they're gonna look at you like you have two heads. So what a, an insurance or what a personal injury attorney does is to compile all of those records, whether your medical records and your bills, and just submit them in an appropriate fashion so that you get credit for every penny that you've expended and that you're owed.

And then finally, a personal injury attorney can assist in negotiating the value of the claim. So you as a lay person, you'd likely have never been involved in a serious accident before, or maybe you had and it was something minor. But you're really, if you've only handled an accident too, you're really not going to know how much your cases is worth. And so you are prime to be taken advantage of by an insurance company. And that's where, again, an experience per St Petersburg personal injury attorney can come in and tell you, hey, you're either being low balled or this is a fair offer, and I assume you are. I recommend that you settle it. So those are just a few of the steps in the process that a Saint Petersburg personal injury attorney can assist you with. So if you're negotiating these claims on your own and you've run into any trouble, I highly recommend you at least contact an attorney, set up an appointment. The appointments are almost always free of charge. Set up an appointment and talk to somebody about the validity of your claim and the concerns that you may have. Good luck to you.

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