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Why Hire St Petersburg Personal injury Attorneys McQuaid and Douglas. Now I think the biggest advantage that Jonathan and I have is that we truly care about our clients. Uh, clients that come into our law firm are not treated like a number. We have face to face interaction with them. We have email communication with our clients, text message, telephone calls, you name it. We like to communicate with our clients because it allows us the opportunity to learn more about the situation that you're dealing with and then with that knowledge, convey it to either the insurance adjuster or the defense attorney on the other side. But when I say that we care about our clients, it's not about money for us. Your case is not all about dollars and cents. If it was our law firm would not have been in existence for over 60 years, we truly care about the result to the client.

And so you know what the total amount that you settle the case for or you resolve a case for. At the end of the day, it really doesn't matter. What matters is what's the net settlement to you? How, how many dollars are you really putting in your pocket at the end of the day? So you may see these billboards, you may see these lawyers out there bragging about x million dollar settlement or such and such settlement. And the numbers look really good, but they never tell you what did the client and get out of that. Did the lawyer charge of 40% fee plus astronomical costs out of that and leave the client with nothing? What were the medical bills that had to be repaid? So again, the distinguishing part and in my mind is that a client in this firm is not a number. We truly care about you. We truly care about what the net dollars to you are. And we focus our practice around that. And I believe after practicing law for 20 years, that is a sustainable approach to the practice of law. And our clients truly appreciate what we do for them.
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