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Hi, my name is Lucas Kasarjian, the third, and this is my video response essay to the question, will autonomous driving vehicles improve safety or lead to more accidents and injuries? And to me the first thing that comes to mind anytime I hear of autonomous vehicles as a quote by Henry Ford where he says, if I were to ask the people what they wanted, they would've said faster horses. And I think what we have here is we actually don't know what we want. We know driving is a privilege, it's not a right. And I think if cars get to the point where they can drive faster and safer and just overall better than a human being, it might get to the point where we won't even have people driving in the first place. And we have to ask ourselves, do we want to relinquish that, you know, that, that freedom that we have, um, and the name of safety or would you rather hold onto that?

And to me, I think it's weekend to come a moral and ethical question where we have to ask ourselves, you know, would you rather have the risk of putting someone else or yourself in harm's way or just completely allowing the vehicle to take over and almost completely eliminating that risk. Uh, another thing too is I think that it'll improve safety solely because of capitalism. If it gets to the point where you have multiple different companies with autonomous vehicles and one is almost always outperforming the other by especially a sizable margin, the whole market share is going to go directly to that company and it's going to push other companies towards safety as well. You know, could you imagine if your car didn't have airbags or seatbelts and people saw how dangerous it was? No one would drive in your car if that was the case. Um, and I think overall for me, I have a personal stake in it. I was in a really bad accident as a motorcycle accident a couple months ago. And personally, I think if the girl who had blown the stop sign and cut me off, had an autonomous vehicle, it would've sensed that I was there because she wasn't looking. And the accident, you know, may have never happened, and you know, even yourself might be out of a job. So hopefully we see autonomous vehicles taking over and, you know, providing us with that future. Thank you.

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