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I'm Steve Haberkorn, undergraduate and accounting at the University of Central Florida with regards to autonomous driving vehicles and the debate over whether or not it would improve public safety or lead to more accidents in future. A list of pros and cons. First comes to mind. The general census suggests it's longterm effects of the wave of the future in the western hemisphere should catch up to its full potential. In doing so, the autonomous driving vehicle could mitigate risks of incidence and injury with advanced technology designed to take into account human nature and the laws of our culture. This however is beyond our present-day capabilities and would be modified reactively to unfortunate circumstances. It would initially inflate interest rates and Detert gross population from participating until incentives were provided to subsidize extreme costs of the projects, economies of scale. However, it would support a proactive approach and research and development to further push the boundaries of human intervention and automation which would lead to innovation and other markets similar and autonomous nature and ultimately building momentum and lowering the risk tolerance of autonomy operability.

Furthermore, with increasing population, it could support local community and heavy traffic and vehicles that were designed to talk to one another in advance of their position. In order to align the flow of traffic to bypass hazards and user errors on freeways. I'm aware of the current company's initiatives to make ready the autonomous vehicle and with support of technology and mapping systems, test runs half proven to operate at higher levels than what would be expected. I think the concept of autonomous vehicles is a benefit to society, although I don't think society is ready for it and it's short term affects on the implementation. Thank you very much.

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