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Hi, I'm Devin Burris and I will be discussing will autonomous driving vehicles improve safety or lead to more accidents and injuries. Personally, yes, it will lead to more accidents in dailies because an autonomous vehicle doesn't have the ability to make a decision on hooks. Now, if somebody inside a Tesla has AI, artificial intelligence is heading towards a barrier all of a sudden in which if they hit that barrier at 70 miles per hour, that person would definitely die. Now the car can decide to maybe hear that person away from the bed or you don't say no eyes, but if they do so they might hate other people on the sidewalk or in other vehicles hide on traffic and kill those people as well and AI doesn't have the ability to make that decision without somebody to program. Now this leads to something known as the trolley problem in philosophy in which there's a trolley under track heading towards a group of people, maybe five or so strapped to the trolley track and they will die if the trolley hits them.

Now somebody on the side can pull a lever in which that trolley veers off onto another track, but that track has one person strap to it and that person will die. Now, someone in utilitarianism would say, pull the lever only to one person, not fi, and someone else might say, but if you pull that lever, you are actively murdering someone instead of passively watching by people. By now, this becomes a really big problem because with the people who programmed the AI, of course, it's can be extremely complicated and there's lots of calculations community. But if you say, we got to that point, someone would have to say, either people are going to die outside of the vehicle. If you go inside the vehicle, you're going to die, and that doesn't leave us to make the own decisions for ourselves.
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