Imagine driving your four-door Toyota Camry and looking to your left only to see another local driver with no control, phone and soda in hand wide smile and eyes locked onto the iPhone glass screen. It may sound unrealistic, but this all will soon be a regular reality with autonomous vehicles and their technology. In other words an autonomous vehicle is a driverless car. As glorious as this may sound by ear, autonomous vehicles are actually concerning and a threat to public safety. Autonomous vehicles are still considered technology, which means these vehicles are prone to hacking. These vehicles could malfunction. Hackers could place drivers, passengers, and other travelers in dangerous situations such as swerving the vehicle. Also, they could block the brakes resulting in rear-ending another vehicle or not being able to stop for a crossing by standard. Additionally, the vehicle may be able to distinguish between different road rules in different state territory.

An example being turned red on red and Florida. We have the ability to turn right on red at most city intersections, but in other cities such as New York, New York, this right on red is ruled as illegal. How will vehicles distinguish this and other state environment conditions when in motion, if driverless cars are relied on, how will drivers know road rules themselves? Drivers will not be educated and will rely on a computer for all of its actions. With no education, drivers will be unable to know what road signs mean. And any hazards present. Driver’s education will no longer be necessary, which really impacts parents and their young drivers as completing driver’s Ed allows those to earn their license and discount on car insurance. So autonomous vehicles, do you still feel the same about them?

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